Video Screening : “Covered – Knotted – Connected”, Gamze Öztürk


Video Screening : Riga Performance Festival: Starptelpa

Gamze Öztürk, “Covered – Knotted – Connected”
Performance Curator: Pınar Derin Gençer
Dates: August 20-27, 2019

We’re glad to be a part of the Riga Performance Festival: Starptelpa between June 10-16. Istanbul Performance Artist Gamze Öztürk performed on June 15. Live Stream from Istanbul to Riga! and now can see the video performance at Galeri Mod between 20-27 August. “Covered – Knotted – Connected” is a performance that circulates and transforms between life and death between the old and the new. Women revolutionized by finding the rope about 40 thousand years ago. Later, women learned to tie, knot, knit and weave with rope. Finding and using the rope caused women to be identified with witchcraft. And it was associated with life and death. Actually, the ‘to tie’ act itself has been associated with magic. Because, people they had discovered the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events, with the action of ‘tying’. In many mythological narratives and tales, these magical ropess gradually became bonded with women’s hair and became the weapon of the goddesses. The woman’s hair, which was strengthened by knots and turban, began to be perceived as a symbol of abundance and fertility on the one hand, and on the other hand, as a force that captured and controlled male sexuality. With the monotheistic religions, the image of the “strong woman” was covered. At this point, particularly in the Middle East where Islam dominates, the covering of the woman’s head is remarkable. Performance will be shaped around a dramaturgy in which this long and complex history is a reference. Artist created a new playground based on my own living and dead hair and the norms of covering and freedom. And this game will accommodate a lot of transformations.